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Colour Management for Brands

Ensuring Consistency in Colour Reproduction in Print Designs for Brands

Are You Effectively Managing Your Brand's Colours?

Colour plays an important role in your brand identity and the colour you choose to represent your brand has a meaning. In our design process, we strive to understand your brand values, target market and competition. Reproducing these colours accurately and consistently is part of building your brand identity.

To achieve this consistency, we use Pantone™ Colours that ensure we reproduce the exact same colour. Pantone™ Colours are standard colours provided by Pantone™ with a colour matching system as an industry standard since the 1950s. The Pantone Colour Matching system was developed to ensure consistent colour reproduction.

What is colour management? Simply put, it is ensuring the same colour you are viewing is the same colour that is also printed. Do you sometimes wonder why the design you received looks entirely different when printed. What about ordering a second batch of prints like business cards and they look different than last time? At The Print Division, we constantly calibrate our equipment to ensure consistency in colour production.

If your brand lacks this consistency, talk to us and find out how we can help you achieve this.

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