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Organisations and individuals seek to print reports and publications in book or booklet format from time to time. This is especially for their periodicals such as a newsletter, magazine or even their financial reports. With reduction in circulation, many organisations are seeking to print less and less of these reports. This is where solutions such as print on demand come in. this is where you print the quantity you want whenever you want it. It gives you control in your budget. Gone are the days of printing 1,000 reports, then half the batch remains unused. You’d rather print say 100 and when you need more, you just order of what you need.

A typical A4 book with 50 pages will cost you roughly KES 800 per book. This can go lower for bulk orders. For a more accurate quote, request for quote here.

Calculating the price of how much a books costs is a bit more nuanced than a direct cost. When looking to price a publication, we look at a few factors. We normally guide you on this when requesting for a quotation. The following factors determine the final price of your book:

  • Quantity – we are flexible to print as few as 5 books to as many as you want. We give quantity discounts on bulk orders.
  • Quality of paper – from the choice of paper for your cover page to the choice of paper for your inside pages, this determines your price.
  • Size – this can range from DL, A5, A4, A3.
  • Number of Colours – is it full colour, does it use one colour. This can work in your favour when it comes to bulk printing. For small quantities, we use digital printing, and the colours don’t really matter as such.
  • Finishing and Binding – will it have a gloss lamination on the cover, will it perfect bound or saddle stitched?

Looking for a design? is part of Pulsar Limited, a creative agency that can work with you to do your report designs. We and understand the print environment to deliver the highest quality in your designs and printed documents.

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