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All marketing communication is meant to achieve one goal, a response in any form e.g. making an enquiry or engaging in the actual purchase. Personalised print marketing presents a more sophisticated level of communication ensuring unique message for each individual customer.

It is with this personal touch emanating from Variable Data Printing (VDP) that creates the responsiveness in the marketing message. What VDP does is changing the marketing message (including creative and copy) to match to every customer’s profile. Your target market could be segmented to as far down as one customer depending on the quality of the database. This could be based on demographics such as age, sex, location, family lifecycle stage, height, weight, and number of children among other variables.

Simply put, VDP provides a platform for one-to-one marketing communication which is far more engaging than mass communication. At Mint Graphics East Africa, we provide more than just printing solutions, our fresh solutions go further to aid in modern marketing communication.

The application for personalisation can extend to gifts, marketing collateral, and business stationery.

Our creative and marketing team at Pulsar will work with you to come up with appropriate solutions that will impact positively on your brand.

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